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Mesh Sheets

Mesh Sheet are used for reinforcing concrete and are also called reinforcing welded wire mesh. Wire mesh are made from 3-40 mm diameter metal rods. These rods run parallel and another set of parallel rods run on top of them. The links are then welded to create a mesh sheet. The opening might be square or rectangular depending upon the application.

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Mesh Sheets are also available in galvanized steel, these are corrosion and rust resistant. Mesh Sheets have a thread structure that enhances bonding to concrete and minimizes concrete cracks. Mesh sheets are majorly used in reinforcing foundations, roads surfaces, bridges etc.

Rebar Mesh
Rebar Mesh

Dass Rebar Promise

We aim at providing quality rebar and steel solutions across Ontario. Dass Rebar has a team of industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the rebar industry throughout the North American market. Dass Rebar focuses on meeting the need in the steel and concrete industry for better products combined with top of the line customer and implementation support from true industry experts to achieve a symbiotic growth.

Dass Rebar is a part of the J. Dass group, which is a leader in metal products in Canada. We utilize our scale of operation, industry knowledge and our targeted resources to provide our customers with the best quality steel rebar products. Our main customers include contractor supply yards, fabricators, lumber yards, pre-cast concrete and contractors.

Dass Rebar has an intricate network of delivery service combined with expert product handling knowledge, which helps us distribute our product all around Ontario. We promise that we will look after you through exceptional customer service and help you through every step of the way.

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