Rebar Fabrication

Rebar forms the basis of strength of a concrete structure.

Many times, in order to achieve maximum strength and minimum material waste, architects imply certain design specification in rebar configuration. This is where rebar fabrication comes into role.

Dass Rebar has state of the art rebar fabrication machinery which can fabricate rebars into a variety of products. Our fabrication shop alters each bar in the design to create proper lengths, bends and connections exactly as the architect requires. Since bending steel changes its strength at the bend, it must be done carefully to meet code requirements.

Our top-of-the-line fabrication machinery offers precise customization of rebars of all sizes. Dass fabricated rebars have clean cuts and are bent at precise angles to achieve highest efficiency and minimum waste.

Dass Rebar can also provide full range of corrosion resistant reinforcing products such as epoxy coated rebars, galvanized rebars and stainless steel rebars.