About Dass Rebar

A Continuing Legacy of Superior Service. – The Dass Group of Companies

Dass Rebar is a wholly owned Canadian family business that has been in the construction and development industry for over 30 years. J Dass built his business on hard work and his desire to provide a “second to none” service to his customers. Dass began as a modest retail business and has now expanded into industrial and commercial development including hotels, banquet halls, and residential high rise. To learn more, visit Dass.ca 


Expect the

Our organization idealizes the customer. Dass is built on its ideology of providing our customers with the quality and service they deserve. Dass Rebar operates with the same principle and we promise extraordinary customer service to our consumers. Our sales and engineering team have over 30 years of combined experience in both the design and engineering of steel rebar systems as well as the technical skill sets to assist in any project requirement. We are delighted to serve you.

Dass Rebar Software is designed with speed to estimate faster and more accurate. It also handles any size of rebar project requirements and with smart interface makes it a very efficient rebar management software, for plan, scheduling, production tracking, inventory, shipping invoicing etc


Expertise You Can Trust

We have an extensive delivery fleet, so we offer seamless delivery for all orders big or small. You can count on us for delivering your product safely, right where you need it at the right time.

Our professional staff is versed in the product portfolio we are selling, we provide expert advice for all your building needs. We promise that we will look after you through exceptional customer service and help you through every step of the way.

The organization has been in the manufacturing business since years, which started with Dass Metal products. Dass Metal Products is the leader in drywall framing and accessories across Canada. With Dass Rebar, Dass group is expanding into the heavy construction steel industry. Our aim is to establish ourselves as the leader of steel and rebar supplier industry in Canada, offering products to homeowners, contractors, and big construction corporations.

Dass rebar manufacturing facility is state of the art and can handle any project size fast and efficient